6:00am:    Staff will wake the guests up

6:00-7:00am:   guests are given breakfast (provided by hosting facility) and will pack their bedding away and clean the facility before leaving at 7:00am

Most will go to the "Warming Center" at First Baptist Church which is open daily 7:00am through 9:00am (staffed by another group of volunteers)

7:00pm:     Guestd are bussed over to whichever location is set to host the overflow shelter for the night.

7:00-7:45pm:     Guests will come in to the facility and set up their beds for the evening (blankets and cots will be provided)

7:30-10:00pm:    Guests are able to just relax, have coffee and pastry if available, watch TV, and have occasional smoke breaks.

9:00pm:       Guests are allowed to go into their medication bags to take their evening meds. this is supervised by staff volunteers (training provided)


10:00pm:     Lights are out for the night

10:00pm-6:00am:   Guests are left to sleep. There are various things for volunteers to do throughout the night including: Fire safety checks and being available for any guests that may need help throughout the night. (training provided)

This is an example of what a typical night at the overflow shelter might look like:

Throughout the daytime hours people are able to call or come to "First Step Inn" to reserve their place at the overflow shelter for the night. If this is not done then they are not able to come that night, (for the most part, they all know this)

5:00pm:    Guests begin to line up at the door at First Baptist Church on Pine Street.

5:00pm - 6:00pm:   Guests will be brought into a separate room, one at a time, to be screened for entry into the overflow for the night. (All guests are screened for Drug & Alcohol use and their possessions are checked and stored for the night, by our trained staff members)

6:00-7:00pm:    Guests are given a great dinner provided "First Step Inn".

What to Expect...