We realize that you have probably got many questions (I know I did). We've listed here some of the Frequently asked questions. You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions at your training session. Questions can also be submitted at the

bottom of this page.

Q:  When does the season start?

A.   January 5, 2015

Q:   Can I bring food for the guests?

A.   Our guests are fed dinner before being brought to the overflow and the hosting church traditionally supplies breakfast, however, you are welcome to bring food for our guests if you wish.

Q.   What do I do while the guests are sleeping?

A.   There is a small checklist of things to do throughout the night including; fire safety and facility checks, etc. Most volunteers bring a book, laptop, or tablet to keep busy. We do need to remain awake at all times just in case one of the guests may need something.

Q.   Where will I  be during the night?

A.   In 2015 we had 5 host sites, each of them was set up differently, but each of them had an area for staff to sit down and watch.

Q.   Can I watch TV?

A.   If you would like to watch on your computer or tablet feel free to do so, as long as you have a set of headphones. Our guests have such busy days (some walking upwards of 20miles) that by the time they get to us they are exhausted and just want to get a good night sleep. We really want to honor that.

Q.   What do I do if there is an issue throughout the night?

A.   This will be addressed in your training however, there is always someone available (24hrs) to call if need be.

Q.  Are the men and women together or in separate sleeping areas?

A.   This varies based on each individual site, some have separate areas, some do not.