Our Goal Mission

Jesus left us with 2 simple commands; Love God & Love each other
This is exactly what we are here for. We are not here to judge people or point out their issues. We are here to love them and be here for them. Sometimes that may mean lending a listen ear or giving direction but other times it could be just being there, so they know that someone is keeping a close eye on them as they sleep.

Rev. Donald Mier

First Baptist Church

First Step Inn

The First Step Inn is a program providing safe shelter and daily nutrition meals to 20 homeless persons in the City of Fall River. Located at 175 No. Main St.

For more information:

 web:        www.steppingstoneinc.org

 phone:        (508)679-8001

Last Year

Every night 2 locations had to be utilized 
Over 200 of our volunteers worked along side "First Step Inn" staff members to accommodate the high number of overflow guests. Sometimes upwards of 40 people per night. 

We served over 100 unduplicated guests in a 10 week period!

A number that reflects an unfortunate rising in the homeless population. 

We partnered with a brand new location.

Master Builders church on Bay St. opened its doors to our program. They were a wonderful host to our guests!

The City of Fall River houses the majority of the Homeless population for the surrounding areas, primarily because it houses one of the only homeless shelters in the area, "First Step Inn" located on

No. Main St. houses a total of 20 full time beds. 12 for Men and 8 for Women. For many years the number of guests at the shelter has been steadily on the rise.

One only needs to take a short walk around certain areas of the city to get a good glimpse of the homeless population. Most of them are tucked in pretty well, however, during the coldest months of the year they are forced to seek shelter in other areas. Unfortunately "First Step Inn" just could not fit anymore people and they were forced to turn people away.

A few years back two of our Local Church Leaders decided they were going to do something about that and the "Overflow Shelter' was created. We are thankful for people like Rev. Donald Meir who were willing to pioneer this monumental task.

Our History